Can only a Sinu Rimi card users can place orders in the Rimi e-store?

All clients are able to order from the e-shop. When making an order with My Rimi profile data, users accumulate My Rimi money and loyalty campaign stickers for all purchases.

How can I pay for the order?

We accept all bank credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro), including debit cards with credit card properties and a virtual card. To pay select „Payment by credit card“ in payment methods.

SEB and Swedbank customers can also pay for the order through the bank link. It is not possible to pay in cash.

Is the assortment in the e-shop the same as in all physical Rimi shops?

Yes, in our e-shop we sell the same products as in physical Rimi shops, but not a full assortment.

Is it possible to order goods that are sold by weight, for example, bananas using quantity (in units)?

When entering the desired weight for fruits and vegetables, an approximate number of units (fruits or vegetables) will be shown.

What do I do if I cannot pick up my order at the specified time?

Please inform Rimi customer service in such situation arises. In case you have chosen Click & Collect (Drive or Pickup in Store) you can pick up your order until the end of the day. If you do not pick up your order, money will be returned to your account, with exception of the the money for goods that have short expiration dates or specific hygiene requirements.

Is it possible to change the delivery method of the order?

It is possible to change the delivery method for active orders under your e-store profile, except for if a coupon based on the delivery method has been used to place the order. When changing the delivery method, the existing delivery time will not be booked and a new delivery time must be selected from the available times.

Is it possible to order goods for pick-up at any Rimi store?

You can see shops where a pick-up option is available here.

Where do I go and what do I do when I arrive to pick up my order?

If you chose a store as a pick-up point for your goods, you will receive the order from your chosen store and at your chosen delivery time. There is a pick-up point near the self-checkouts in the stores; please enter the order PIN into the terminal located there, take your number, and wait. You can also use the Rimi app to indicate your arrival at the store pick-up point. 


In stores with a Rimi Drive pick-up point, you can choose to use either Rimi Drive or an in-store pick-up point.

Money returning for undelivered or returned goods

Money for undelivered or returned goods will be returned within 2-5 working days, to the bank account from which your order was paid.

What does „product has been replaced“ mean?

It means that the chosen product was not available when the items for your order were picked up and it was replaced by another, similar product. If it is cheaper, we will return the money, if it is more expensive — additional payment will not be required. If you do not want goods to be replaced, mark this in your profile.

What do I do if I am not pleased with the product quality?

Contact Rimi’s customer support and we will definitely help you. For more information, read the terms and conditions of the e-store from here.

Is it possible to purchase cigarettes in the Rimi e-shop?

No, it is not allowed by Estonian legislation.

What is the packing price?

Rimi has set a fixed fee for the packing that will be used when picking up products for the customer’s order. The packing price consist of several costs.

The packing price consists picking and packaging (bags) for the whole order*, may include lightweight plastic bag costs**, additional plastic bag costs*** and single-use plastic container costs****.

* Items are packed in paper bags; frozen goods can be packed in lightweight plastic bags.

** Pre-packed/unpacked foodstuffs are packed in lightweight plastic bags (excluding very lightweight plastic bags up to 15 microns thick which are required for the primary packaging of foodstuffs for hygienic purposes).

*** If the product is of non-standard size and/or to prevent possible contact with nearby foodstuffs, the products are packed in an additional plastic bag.

**** Unpackaged loose foodstuffs are packed in plastic boxes.

Can I return a product to any Rimi store?

No, you have to return the product to the store from which it was issued. In case the product is unsuitable, it should be returned to the store pick-up-point employee or the courier immediately. If you wish to return the product later, please contact Rimi Customer Support and agree on a time to return the product.

Can products be ordered in unlimited quantities? 

Some products have a maximum quantity limit to ensure that the product is available to all clients. 

Can I add products to the order?

Products can be added to the order, except for if the maximum quantity of products has been reached. Products cannot be removed. 


The order can be changed until the time the order is sent for completion. The exact date and time of making changes to each order is provided in the order confirmation email.

How to place an order?

To get the best customer experience, we recommend placing an order as follows:

1. log in as a regular customer or register as a customer

2. book a suitable delivery time and method

3. add products to the cart or open a saved cart and make the desired changes

4. proceed to checkout

I will not log out of the account and close the e-store. Why does the system automatically log me out and I have to log in again on a new visit?

Users can store various personal data on their account, including data about means of payment. Users are automatically logged out to provide higher security for user data.

What can be done with old batteries and small appliances?

Rimi accepts waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) provided that none of the external dimensions of it exceed 25 cm, and old batteries. Collection boxes are located at information counters or at the entrance of the store. It is not possible to return products to the courier of the e-store.

If there is a special WEEE collection point within a 10 km radius of the nearest electrical and electronic equipment store, the waste must be taken there. If there is no collection point, WEEE can be taken to the closest store selling electrical and electronic equipment. In this case, the same type of device as the equipment being sold can be handed over, even if a new device is not purchased.


For additional information see eesringlus.ee/tarbijale/kkk-tarbijale

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