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Shopping does not need to be difficult if you do it wisely!

We offer you three ways to receive your order:

  • Rimi courier will deliver your order to your desired address.
  • Shopping bags with your goods will be put directly into your car in the Rimi Drive area.
  • We will give the order to you at the store pick-up point.

Rimi courier

The courier will deliver your order to your desired address at your desired time. 

Delivery by courier is free of charge for orders from 59.99 euros.

As a loyal customer, please choose free delivery subscription, allowing you to shop without having to pay for delivery every single time.

See the service area

Express Delivery

From Rimi E-shop you can also order goods to your home with Express Delivery. The Wolt courier will deliver the goods to you within 60 minutes, from the moment you receive the order confirmation. When the Wolt courier has picked up your goods from Rimi store, you will receive an SMS with a link to track your order in real time.

At the moment Wolt delivers goods to clients from Laagri, Lasnamäe, Haabersti, Fama and Lõunakeskuse Rimi stores. Enter your address in the address field to find out if Express delivery is also possible to you. 
The free home delivery subscription and threshold does not apply to Express Delivery.

Rimi Drive

Just a few hours after placing your order, you will receive your purchases without having to leave your car.

We offer two Drive solutions:

  • Rimi Drive, where the car is identified by camera or by the order PIN.
  • Mobile Drive, the use of which requires a smartphone with internet connection and downloaded Rimi app

Pick-up point in store

Your purchases are packed in bags and waiting for you! 

You can order your goods from Rimi e-shop and collect them in the store.

There is an order issuing point in the store near the self-service checkout area, where you enter the PIN code of the order into the terminal and take the queue number and wait. Our employee will bring the order to you in a few minutes. You can also signal your presence using the Rimi app.

You can find the pick-up points in following stores:
Laagri Rimi hyper
Haabersti Rimi hyper
Narva Fama Rimi hyper
Lasnamäe Centrumi Rimi hyper
Peterburi tee Rimi hyper
Tartu Lõunakeskuse Rimi hyper
Sõpruse Rimi hyper
Pärnu Rimi hyper
Nautica Rimi hyper
Tartu Rebase hyper
Kuressaare Rimi super
Haapsalu Rimi Super
Viljandi Rimi hyper

Express Order

Now you can choose Express order option in the Rimi e-store, which you can pick up already 30 minutes after completing the order.
You will receive an SMS when your goods are ready to pickup.

The minimum shopping cart is €20 and a maximum of 15 different products can be added to the basket. 

You can pick up your express order either at Rimi Drive or at the store's pick-up point. 

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