What are the delivery options?

Shopping doesn't need to be difficult if you do it wisely. Therefore we offer you three great and easy ways to delivering your order: we deliver the goods to your desired address, directly to your car in Rimi Drive or hand it to you in dedicated area in the store. Choose the option you like best.

Order home

Courier will deliver your order to your desired address. To make an order, simply select a free date and time before placing or paying for the order.

Working hours: 10:00–22:00 daily.
Click here to see delievery area.

Rimi Drive

Drive comfortably to the Rimi Drive area, where you will be identified by a car license plate or PIN code. Rimi employee brings your order to your car in minutes, you even don’t need to leave your car! To place an order, select the store that offers the Rimi Drive service before placing or paying for the order.

Rimi Drive pick-up points:
- Laagri Rimi hyper
- Haabersti Rimi hyper

Order to the store

To place an order, select the store from which you would like to receive your order before placing or paying for the order. Near the self-service checkout area of ​​the selected store you will find an e-commerce terminal. Enter the order PIN in the terminal, take the queue number and follow the queue number on the screen. Rimi employee will deliver the order to you in minutes.

Pick-up points in stores:
- Laagri Rimi hyper
- Haabersti Rimi hyper
- Narva Fama Rimi hyper
- Lasnamäe Centrum Rimi hyper
- Peterburi tee Rimi hyper
- Tartu Lõunakeskuse Rimi hyper

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