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RIMI's E-commerce Referral program (the “Referral program”) allows its users (the “User”) to earn reward coupons by referring other people to become new or returning customers of RIMI E-commerce.

1. Enrollment in the Referral program
In order to participate in the Referral program and start referring, the User should create a RIMI e-commerce account, agree to RIMI's Terms of Service, then go to E-commerce profile to access RIMI E-commerce referral program.
2. Referral code generation
Once enrolled in the Referral program, the User receives a unique referral code. It can be seen in RIMI E-commerce profile section – ''Invite a Friend''. The referral code can be shared with anyone.
3. Using referral code
A user who has not made any RIMI E-commerce purchase or has not made any E-commerce purchase in last 12 months – can use a referral coupon by adding it to the RIMI E-commerce cart coupon section and then making a purchase. The referral coupon code will give -20% discount from regular prices. For a referral to be classified as successful, the Referred person needs to create and receive an E-commerce order (just adding it to a cart is not enough).
4. Earning of reward coupons
The User will earn a reward coupon (-10% from regular prices) when a referred person successfully makes a purchase with User's referral code. A reward coupon is accredited to the User's account when the order by the Referred customer has been delivered. The User will also receive an E-mail to know that User has received a reward coupon. The E-mail will be sent based on existing consent for T&C and you do not have to consent separately. 
5. Redeeming the reward coupon
Reward coupons are visible in Users RIMI E-commerce profile section – referrals. Reward coupon can be used by User for User's RIMI E-commerce purchases. One reward code may be used only for one RIMI E-commerce purchase. This code will not work for any other users.
6. Restrictions
The User may use the referral code for the sole purpose of promoting RIMI and referring prospective customers to the Site. User will not display the referral code or any content in a manner that contains or promotes illegal activities or content that is misleading, deceptive. RIMI, at its sole discretion, may change or revoke the User's referral code and exclude the User from participation in the Referral program if any misconduct is suspected. The User is not allowed to create fake accounts

*NB! Both referral and reward coupon will work from the minimal basket size (20 eur) and is valid for both delivery method - courier and click&collect. 

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