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Your contribution will help the Food Bank to bring food aid to people in need. Select the amount you want to support the Food Bank with and add it to your cart. After you have added all the other products you want to the shopping cart, make the purchase as usual. Rimi collects the donated amounts and transfers them to the Food Bank once a month. The Food Bank uses the donations received to deliver food aid to every corner of Estonia.

Rimi and the Food Bank would be very grateful if you contributed even a little every month!

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* Money donated to the Food Bank is considered anonymous and does not give the right to tax exemption as the donation is not documented.


Have you noticed anybody needing help?

Often people do not dare to ask for help or often do not even know that they should talk to their local social worker to get help. Do you know anyone in your community who needs help? The person needing help may be an elderly neighbour, a parent raising children alone, a co-worker, a friend, who lost their work, or an acquaintance who is in trouble due to the virus.

If you have noticed someone who has difficulties in purchasing daily food for themselves or their family due to financial hardship, please let us know about them by writing to aitaaidata@toidupank.ee 

More information can be found on the website of the Food Bank: www.toidupank.ee/aitaaidata/

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